DashCommand - OBD-II gauge dashboards, scan tool App Reviews

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Better than others

Compare to other ODB tools, connection is very stable.

Very good !

Very nice app ! Just waiting for BMW complete support.

No french cars

Where is Peugeot or Citroen ?! Im really disappointed...

Excellent application

Looking for a great smartphone based app to read, display and log from car data? This is it. Works fantastic on my car and I strongly recommend it, worth the money.


It would be nice that the app would be compatible with split view for iPad and translated in French

5 stars

Best obd app at the market, no doubts. Could be cheaper but still worth it.



Not so dash

They want more pre definied data.

Last update

Since last update i am not able to conect to my ob2 wireless . It doesnt connect and display an error about protocol (ford ranger )

Very Nice App

This App is Very cool !! 100% Working and fast !!!

Good to know!

Its always good to know about the health of my truck! Better yet when looking at the beautiful dashboards available. I would like to have tuning options at hand. Think about it, friends!

Fuel Economy Units

Its a shame dashcommand has a lot of users from countries that use a different unit (km/l), and is unable to satisfy these customers with an easy implementation like that, once it already has l/100 km. All you have to do is divide 100 by this unit value.

Do not update!

Before the last update the app was good and able to erase error of my electronic fuel injection. After the last update an error occurs during this procedure and nothing happens.

Km/L ❤️

Thanks! Finally km/l... Excellent app!


Need more informations


Beste OBD App für iPhone!!!! Funktioniert mit Lescars OBD Profiadapter 1A 5* verdient!


Für Mini more please

Very good OBD-monitoring App!

Most of the free Apps that allow OBD-monitoring are only working with particular (expensive) OBD modules or just provide very limited information. Although this App isnt free, it offers extended functionality thats entirely worth its (not so high) price tag. Because of a few bugs (e.g. no automatic WiFi-reconnect if the OBD-module restarts/reboots during a logging session) and minor UI shortcomings, Ill give it four out of five stars. It also works perfectly with VGate products.

Very useful

My mechanic was surprised about my pre-diagnostics :-)

Good application

Works great with my MB C300. I use wifi OBD adapter. Also used it with Honda Odyssey.

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