DashCommand - OBD-II gauge dashboards, scan tool App Reviews

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Great App!

I use this app in my 2012 Infiniti with my IPhone and one of the cheap Panlink OBD2 wifi adapters. Works great, the capability to add additional custom gauges is nice.

Very useful!

You know what would make it better? Access to ABS, Airbag, Body... Hell, access to all codes!


Works great, doesnt try to hide useful functions behind an expensive PRO upgrade like other apps. Cheaper than those "free" apps in the store...

Worth it

So much to customize!

Great app

Showed this to several local mechanics and they said it was better than their shop diagnostics tools.

Works great!

I am very happy with it! Would love if they could incorporate pioneer head unit mirroring in the next update!!

Dash command

Simple fast fun useful!

Works great!

I had a small issue setting up the wifi connection, but after that it has been great! I bought the add on for my truck, none of the other readers could tell me what the code was. I would recommend.


It would be nice that the app would be compatible with split view for iPad and translated in French

Great App

This app does what it says it will do, which is all you can ask for. It makes sense and is fun to use even.

Good app

Very usefull app. Przydatna aplikacja.

Great app

I use this with Gopoint BT1. Works ok with most Japanese and European vehicles. Keeps you informed with basic information.

Great App!!

Works great. Use it on my mkiv and mkv gti. Only can read codes, reset engine light and see some temps.

Sweet app!

Best ODB2 app that Ive been able to find. Clean interface, customizable dashboard, data logging, fast syncing, very stable, what more could you want? Worth every penny! Great job dev team!


Nothing changed with my settings and the app will not connect to my Automatic Labs adapter. Prior to this, connection was intermittent.


I like using it to see my mileage and codes that may pop up. Shows the power and torque output all the time. Still have to learn how to use it more.

Great Tool for deeper insight

DashCommand is a full featured tool to gather and review data from almost any OBD-II device. Very useful. User interface could use an update.


Amazing app that unlocks the potential of the ODBII car port! The checkers at auto parts stores cant even come close to the capabilities of this app, and they cost far more!

Better than the stock app on wifi obd-2

I used to use the stock app for Obdlink MX wifi, it doesnt compare to DashCmd. I get more information and paid the extra $10 to get everything on my Chevy.

Great OBD-2 Code Reader & Clearer

This is the best app Ive found on the App Store for reading trouble codes on any car with a OBD-2 port. Even clears codes

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